Welcome to our blog, and thanks for stopping by! Here’s where we’ll provide some information and installation tips for you as you work through your renovation project, suggest some products you may need, introduce our funky new items, keep you up to date on the latest decorative trends for your home, and give you a little behind the scenes view of our operation. We’re an unconventional company that sells unconventional products… it’s only natural we employ unconventional people (myself included).

My name is Maggie and I’m the communications specialist and blog writer, which makes me your spirit guide through the wonderful world of Merola Tile.


The tools necessary for a spirit guide.

The first day I sat down at my new cubicle, after I made a cup of tea but before I hung up a picture of Joe Strummer, one of my coworkers handed me a Nerf gun and a few Nerf gun darts and wished me good luck. That’s the kind of place we are: everyone gets an employer-issued Nerf gun when they start. We’re dedicated fans of caffeine and candy.  We have Free Lunch Wednesday.  A puddle forms in our parking lot when it rains, and it reminds me of Oregon Trail when you have to caulk the wagon and float it.


Artist’s rendition. ©MECC 2012

We celebrate Halloween all year round.


It’s February.

We’re Breaking Bad fans.


This is our friend Heisenberg, a crystal that we’re growing. He’s still incubating, but he’s making progress.

And most importantly, we make sure that everyone feels welcome when they walk in the door.


This gentleman is very accommodating.

“Improving homes. Improving lives” is our slogan for a reason and we stick to it.  It’s true for everyone we reach out to: our end customers, our wholesale partners, the people who work here, and now you, the reader. Have a look at our About page for more info about our company and what we do, and keep checking back here for updates!



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