Ally Tarbous, Mosaic Maven

We recently donated some of our mosaics to Ally Tarbous, an artist based out of Philadelphia.  We were fortunate enough to see some of the photos of the amazing work she did with our tile!

Some of our Penny Round tiles on a table. This is a very creative color scheme we hadn’t thought of before, but the tan offsets the blues beautifully!


PICTURED: Penny Round Blue Eye, Penny Round Caffe, Penny Round Light Blue.

Here are photos of an installation on 5th Street in Philadelphia:

Ally Tarbous_wall

Pictured: Penny Round Vermilio, Penny Round White, Mini Lantern Glossy White, Lantern White, Arabesque Glossy White, Moonbeam Diva Blue

Ally Tarbous_wall2

PICTURED: Modena Cobalt Blue, Penny Round Caffe, Penny Round Vermilio, Lantern Cotto, Lantern Black

More shots of the installation, along with a zoomed-out photo of this amazing mosaic, can be found in this album (this directs you to Facebook). Be sure to support a local artist and Like her on Facebook!

Photos courtesy of Ally Tarbous; used with permission.


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