Product of the Week: Castle Antic

Wood look tile continued to be a dominating force at Coverings this year, cited in several recaps as a major player in this year’s convention.  It seems that though our lives have become busier and more complex, there is no need to sacrifice style. That’s why this is a triumph for anyone who’s enamored with the aesthetic of wood flooring but less enthusiastic about its upkeep:  while wood flooring requires meticulous attention right down to the types of shoes you wear in your own home, wood look tile requires the same amount of cleaning as any other tile.

That’s why this week’s Product of the Week is our Castle Antic ceramic floor and wall tile.  It has a distressed look with a tonal and grain variation that adds authenticity to each box.  That slightly worn look immediately conjures an image of a rustic, well-loved home- and who doesn’t love to feel welcome whenever they walk in the door?


Another point in its favor: distressed wood looks great in almost any setting.  Contemporary or rustic, Asian-themed, the options are pretty endless. There’s always room for wood, and the older it looks, the better.


Interestingly, it pairs well with last week’s featured product, the Riverstone series.  Here it is in an Asian-themed bath, blending these pleasing natural elements together for a spa effect:

They add a subtle elegance to this transitional bath on Houzz by providing a warm touch to an otherwise cool-toned room:
You can install wood look tile in places where you normally wouldn’t put wood due to water exposure or other factors. Take a look at this intriguing shower and bath space- if the floor was plain tile, the room may seem a bit sterile. The addition of the dark wood-look tile adds warmth and contrast.

And outside:

Because of its versatility and durability, the Castle Antic is this week’s Product of the Week.  This unique tile mimics wood right down to the texture.  Because it’s opened up the possibilities of wood looks to rooms where authentic wood flooring could prove problematic, wood look tile is here to stay.

Sources: Here, here, and here. All photos are from Houzz.


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