Product of the Week: Tessera Subway Blue Smoke

You don’t need a college-level fine arts education to know that blue is one of the most relaxing colors. If you didn’t learn that in high school art class, you probably know instinctively: there’s something about a space swathed in blue that’s soothing and safe.  This knowledge has been used time and time again by designers and decorators looking to create a welcoming atmosphere for the home or workplace.

To that end, check out our Tessera Blue Smoke, which is a foil-backed 3” x 6” glass subway tile.  It’s a lovely gray-blue color that definitely subscribes to the relaxing blue ideology:

The Tessera Blue Smoke installed in a kitchen.

The Tessera Blue Smoke installed in a kitchen.

A quick look through Houzz proves that blue is a classic color staple that’s also incredibly versatile.

Here it is in a super-sleek modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances.  With just an ordinary white wall, this may have been a little too industrial for some- but adding the glass tile was a brilliant way to make it more personal:

What’s interesting is that the designer confirmed it’s actually a green-hued tile, which shows how adaptable glass tile can be- it definitely has a washed out bluish tinge in the photo because of how the light is bouncing off of it, the appliances, and the countertops. Overall, a modern marvel without being too modern.

Here’s a strikingly similar tile in a contemporary kitchen.  It’s a great way to break up the light colors and perfectly complements the grays.

If the color is just a touch off from what you had in mind, it’s worth noting that this is a glass tile. That means the grout will dramatically change the look (more on that here) and so will the lighting.  So if you like the color but don’t necessarily love it, try taking a sample home and seeing how it looks in different light and with different color grout- the effort is 100% worth it once you get exactly the shade you were looking for. See how the grout changes this one?

This is an unusual combination of natural stone elements paired with the glass mosaic subway. It’s a totally unique installation and the resulting effect is a vague feeling of being in an underwater cave. Altogether, a very inventive application!

And then finally, here’s an installation around a fireplace. Picture a bright orange fire in there- the contrast would be magnificent and probably match the couches. It’s an interesting idea- coordinate your décor not just with the furniture, but with the fire!

For its flexible beauty and range of application, the Tessera Blue Smoke (and the looks it can achieve) is the product of the week.  Order a sample here!




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