Product of the Week: Attica Beige

Flagstone is a classic look for patios and other outdoor spaces.  It has the rugged feel of natural stone but has been sufficiently tamed to function as a usable surface for a rustic space.  It’s a tasteful and welcoming look.

There are, however, down sides to using actual flagstone. Laying them requires patience- the stones are natural and thus all different shapes and sizes, so arranging them to fit together can take a while. This guide from the DIY network refers to it, quite rightly, as “basically like assembling a big, heavy puzzle.”  Another challenge is making sure all the stones are even, since it only takes one that’s lower or higher than the rest to tilt a table or trip someone.  Finally, there’s the price tag: it tends to be a bit more expensive than other materials.

Enter our Attica Beige tile, which gives you the look of flagstone without the fuss.  It’s a ceramic floor and wall tile inspired by flagstone that with a high PEI rating for work in residential and high-traffic commercial settings. If you’re concerned about it looking natural, the edges of the tile are wavy so they fit together in a way that’s a little less restrictive than regular tile squares:


Attica Beige is available through the Home Depot.

Attica Beige is available through the Home Depot.

It’s a ceramic tile, which means it’s perfectly suitable for a patio in milder climates but not great for outdoor installation in places that see extreme cold. Just look at the way flagstone looks outside. It definitely lends a rustic look to this classic home style:

It also looks great installed indoors, pulling elements of nature into your home. Here’s an actual customer application of the Attica Beige. Look how well it lightens up the room and complements the beautiful view outside! It’ll look great through all seasons: it’ll make a lovely accompaniment to the autumn leaves, and will certainly bring a warm look to the room in the dead of winter. Altogether, this is a great application for this product!

This is a customer installation of Attica Beige, available at the Home Depot.

A customer installation of Attica Beige.

A customer installation of Attica Beige.

For having all the durability, quality, and versatility of a ceramic tile, and for providing a fantastic low-cost, easier-to-install flagstone alternative to homes all over America, the Attica Beige is our product of the week.


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