Improving homes. Improving lives. Be it a team member, a wholesale partner, an end customer, or simply a member of our community, our company strives to please all of our stakeholders, actively taking the time to improve their lives.

It begins at a workplace of respect, honesty and fun!  We want the day-to-day of our employees to be enjoyable and spent in an environment where they can reach their full potential.  Our team offers each other any cooperation and support needed.  We believe that this inclusive and welcoming environment is essential to a thriving workplace where the end goal is unmitigated excellence.

We’re a very unique company aiming to provide unique products. That’s why our tile leans towards the exotic and individualistic.  Through a collaborative product selection process involving several team members, we select the highest quality pieces that will please the discriminating customer looking for something to set their home apart from the rest. We do everything we can to ensure that customers are able to easily obtain our affordable, luxury grade tile and that they are very satisfied with the final outcome.  We want people to love their new home improvement project not just because of the unique and beautiful product they’ve installed in their home, but also because of their experience with us.

We strive to share our values, culture, and mission with the Home Depot, which receives our excellent service and products. We want to improve their workday by simplifying their customers’ shopping experience and reducing any avoidable complications.  We do what we can to be the best and most cooperative vendor!

We also reach out to the community: we take every opportunity to contribute our unused materials to non-profit groups and events, and try to reduce our waste and reuse or recycle every product we can.

All of these efforts are part of a greater whole to positively impact every single person with whom we have the privilege of interacting.  It’s all part of fulfilling our company’s mission statement:

Improving homes. Improving lives.


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