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Employee Spotlight: Chris

Chris shows off the efforts of the sample department to re-use some old tape. Waste not…

Chris shows off the efforts of the sample department to re-use some old tape. Waste not…

Meet Chris, our marketing guy!  He’s been with us for about two and a half years and takes care of all our front-end marketing needs.  He’s designed our website, packaging, and newer logos, and he helps out in other departments when necessary.  I asked Chris some questions that are extremely important and topical so we can give him the recognition he deserves for his hard work!

 What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on since you’ve been here? Why was it your favorite?

I’ve loved a lot of the projects here, but working on the Merola Tile catalog definitely expanded my horizons, creativity and perfectionism beyond expectation. I knew it was the best way to reach our customers, but it was more than just creating a catalog- it was also about team collaboration. A lot of people helped and supported me throughout the project and I’m really grateful for that. When someone looks through this catalog, I want them to feel the passion that we have for tile and the love we have for our customers.

What’s your favorite tile?

That’s a tough one. I would say my favorite tile is the Griselda Subway Sand. I love the textures and colors and there’s no repetitive pattern.

The Griselda Subway Sand, Chris’s favorite tile. Available through the Home Depot.

The Griselda Subway Sand, Chris’s favorite tile. Available through the Home Depot.

 If you could have any celebrity for a best friend, who would it be?

Easy! Priyanka Chopra. Can we marry the best friend? HEY GURLLL!

Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress.

Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress. Photo credit:

(For the record, Chris also thinks this guy is his celebrity doppelganger/gym role model:)

John Abraham, post-corn rows. Photo from

John Abraham, post-corn rows. Photo from

You’re put in charge of Free Lunch Wednesday. What type of food are we eating?

We would all have Portuguese food. It’s a must-have for those of you who haven’t tried it.

 If you could have any super power, what would it be?

If I could have any, it would be super strength… I mean… enough to pick up an elephant when it gets stuck in mud. That totally happens every day.

Thanks for your time, Chris! Keep an eye out for posts like this in the future- we’re proud of our team and want to show you what our motley group brings to the company.


Welcome Our Newest Employee!

After emerging from my basement, MJ was bored so we hired him to boost company morale.  Here’s his first friend, Javier. Welcome, Michael!

The cool kids.

The cool kids.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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The first day I sat down at my new cubicle, after I made a cup of tea but before I hung up a picture of Joe Strummer, one of my coworkers handed me a Nerf gun and a few Nerf gun darts and wished me good luck. That’s the kind of place we are: everyone gets an employer-issued Nerf gun when they start. We’re dedicated fans of caffeine and candy.  We have Free Lunch Wednesday.  A puddle forms in our parking lot when it rains, and it reminds me of Oregon Trail when you have to caulk the wagon and float it.


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We celebrate Halloween all year round.


It’s February.

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This is our friend Heisenberg, a crystal that we’re growing. He’s still incubating, but he’s making progress.

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This gentleman is very accommodating.

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